About Ekomed


Ekomed is committed to the development of innovative therapies that offer advantages in the treatment of most spread infectious diseases including TB, HIV, Hepatitis and Flu. Ekomed has been recognized for its efforts to develop adjuvant therapies ( given in addition to the primary or initial therapy to maximize its effectiveness) since late 1980s. The company began its HIV research back in 1998 and conducted its TB research years earlier. Ekomed is one of the very few bio-pharmaceutical companies that are committed to conduct scientific clinical research compliant to international standards.

The development of new therapeutic options for MDR/XDR TB and HIV infections is the most effective way to decrease global morbidity since Phytoconcentrate Dzherelo-I (Immunoxel) has shown effective results even in HIV patients. It has been clinically proven that Dzherelo-I (Immunoxel) helps to slow down HIV progression to AIDS.

Ekomed is committed to provide expanded access to phyto medicines for people hit by epidemic infections including HIV and TB. The compay has been working in partnership with health care organizations in the most affected areas of Africa, Asia and Australia.

LLC Ekomed is a leading bio-pharmaceutical company located in Kiev, Ukraine. It is primarily engaged in the research, development and production of the health products based on medicinal plants. Over 15 years of intensive scientific research and clinical trials have culminated in the approval of the whole range of Ekomed natural, functional products by the Ukraine Ministry of Health.

Ekomed has brought together leading scientists, doctors and practitioners to evaluate the chemical, pharmacological and clinical benefits of natural products. Basic and clinical studies conducted at more than 40 research institutes and hospitals in Ukraine have confirmed beneficial properties of Ekomed phytoconcentrates and designated them as safe and effective means for alleviating various ailments.The Company has pioneered botanical products in the Ukraine since 1994 by setting the standards for regulation of herbal extracts and developing the standardized extracts and ingredients for their own range of herbal nutraceutical products.

The Company's main products have been classified as botanical immunomodulators and functional foods that can carry medical claims substantiated by clinical trials. The products have proven to be beneficial for various conditions including: arthritis, allergies, anemia, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, bronchitis, inflammation, impotence, menopause, HIV/AIDS, varicose veins and hemorrhoids, hepatitis, tuberculosis, influenza, herpes zoster and much more. The research results conducted by Ekomed can be found in reputable medical journals. 

Ekomed - Medicinal Plant Extracts for Family Health

There is a growing gap between effective cures and modern demands. Pathogenic organisms and diseases show the tendency to rise in numbers while medicines appear to be progressively less effective. The “magic bullets” of modern drugs, unlike natural products, often have only a single mechanism of action, are failing as microbes become smarter. Scientists have now realized that even most effective antiviral preparations give rise to virus mutations. Some microbes have learned to incorporate antibiotics into their metabolism for further expansion. These problems are viewed by some as a crisis of modern drug-based medicine. However, medicinal plants have been used since ancient times for the treatment of human ailments.

Interest in medicinal plants has been shown throughout the world because of the safe and effective constituents of plant products. The increasing demand for herbal remedies, both in the developing and developed countries, has provided the stimulus to develop and produce natural products that can supplement or serve as an alternative to the existing drugs. Plants offer enormous biodiversity that one can exploit if we know where to look. Ekomed’s technology and know-how are based on scientific principles resulting from meticulous research of modern pharmacology and unique ethnobotanical knowledge sourced from Oriental and Eastern European pharmacopeia. The complexity and synergy of natural remedies have been thoroughly explored – as a result science and nature are seen reunited.

Like traditional medical treatments, any plant with healing potential when used appropriately, also has the potential for harm when used irresponsibly. Ekomed has paid particular attention to this issue and has gone through multiple safety studies with every single preparation to rule out any potential harmful findings. Every batch of the phytoconcentrates undergoes exhaustive quality control before reaching the consumer. This guarantees the highest quality and reliability of all Ekomed clinically-proven science-based natural products, which can help providing long-term effective sustainable solutions to many health problems of our time.